Saturday, June 7, 2008

This is 7 Devils road, the first stretch of the ride that will leave at 9 AM on both Friday and Saturday. The organizer felt (and I agreed) that this should be a much abbreviated blog, with no food or restaurants posted, and very little text. it is! Sherm will lead this ride on both days, and is very much looking forward to it!
It could be foggy like this when we leave on the ride, but probably will be sunny. If it's very hot over in the valley, the coast sometimes gets mornings like this. It always burns off eventually.
The cliff's at Cape Arago, at Shore Acres. The VROC wedding will take place near here on Saturday night.
This lady is welcoming us to the Winchester Bay harbor. From here, we'll make a short stop at SCP in Reedsport.
Elk are almost always out near this place on Hwy 38. This will be the "turn around" place where we'll start back to the Rally Site.
Charleston Harbor. We'll be staging up near here to leave on the ride both Friday and Saturday.
I published this since several of you will be staying in this campground.
North and South jetties at the mouth of the Coos River.
Bandon will be a 30 minute stop to peruse the shops, and maybe visit Cranberry sweets for some 'sugar free' samples....yeah, right.
We'll pass small farms and some dairy farms along the route.
Charley Tuna has been in the news. Since I took this picture a couple weeks ago, he was stolen. He was found yesterday, and the theives were caught. He's been pretty much destroyed. A new chain saw carving will be made soon, so hopefully he'll be back in place to greet you VROC riders when you enter Charleston.
We'll be going out 7 Devils road. You can see the ocean, Cranberry bogs, and the World famous Bandon Dunes Golf Course.
Business in Old Town Bandon.
Farm land. We'll be on small back roads most of the ride.
Pretty horse along the Fishtrap Road. We'll pass lots of livestock on the ride.
The Logging Museum in Myrtle Point, OR. The ride will have a stop near here for late Breakfast or early lunch.
North Side of the Coquille River Valley. Most winters, these pastures are covered with water when the River floods. We call it "Lake Coquille". Makes for rich grazing land.
Eastside, this is a small ship yard in the River/Bay.
The city of North Bend from the East Side of the Bay, where we'll be riding.
You can see some dune buggies on top of the sand here. About 50 miles of sand dunes make this a popular place for all sorts of Dune activities. There are probably a dozen rental places along this stretch if you'd like to try one.
We'll pass this little lake when we get off Hwy 101 to visit the Umpqua Lighthouse.
Umpqua River Lighthouse. We can take a tour if the time is right, or just settle for some pictures with our bike in front of the lighthouse.
Mouth of the Umpqua River, and the Triangle Oyster farm.
An old Coast Guard house that is now a gift shop and museum.
A part of Winchester Bay. Since this is a 'floating restaurant', maybe I can get away with a picture of it. We pass it on the ride, just before arriving at Reedsport.
Entering North Bend-Coos Bay from the North on Hwy 101 you cross this old bridge. There is construction on it, but there shouldn't be any traffic delays. The water you see is part of the Bay, and also another Oyster farm area. The Coos River flows under the Bridge.
We'll pass this shop on the way back to Charleston. Anyone needing some new Tie-Dye, this is the place to stop!
Hope I don't get in trouble for posting this, but I just had to for Slammer and Chunk. The lady that owns this place is going to bake a bunch of special pies just for the rally weekend! Let me know your favorite, and I'll see if she'll make one just for you!. This is an easy walk from Captain John's.
There are 3 Oyster farms in the Bay. These are shells near the West end of the Charleston Bridge.
Boiling surf near Cape Arago.
This will be the last picture. Check the other blogs if you'd like to see more......